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Lesley Martin

Lesley Martin Photography
Owner/ Photographer
Austin, Texas & San Jose, California
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Austin, TX is known for its art, barbeque, music, and the Texas Hill Country. San Jose, CA is known as the “Capital of Silicon Valley”, and is a short drive from some of the most majestic urban, alpine and maritime places in the world. These cities are also where Lesley Martin calls home. Lesley has been a photographer for over a decade. She enjoys all genres, but her focus and passion is travel photography. Lesley continues to hone and abroad. Some of her favorite Travel Photography journeys include New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ireland, and Italy. Lesley travels with her Nikon D4S and Fuji XT-2 on her hip. Her go to lenses telephoto, but prime lenses definitely have a place in her bag. When she isn't shooting, her favorite place to be is scuba diving with her family. Lesley hopes that through her work she will inspire others to venture forth and capture their own visual novel.